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About Us

The outside view of portofinos.

Here at Portofino, we pride ourselves on creating truly authentic Italian cuisine. We want our customers to feel as if they are in the heart of Italy.

When it feels like Rome, 

it feels like home.

Our restaurant reflects a true Italian atmosphere, our heritage has taught us to inject passion into our work and cuisine.

Customers are our main priority, our attentive staff will assure you are satisfied with your meal here at Portofino. We are happy when our customers are happy.

We are guided by community spirit. During Christsmas we have opened to provide food to the homeless and children in need. 

Our meat is sourced from a local butcher, all seafood comes fresh from Redcar, we only choose the best quality cuts of steak. Portofino prides itself on providing a high quality dining experience, complemented with the most tender and succulent meat and seafood.

Our chefs have over twenty years of experience, they have perfected all of Portofino's dishes to reflect authentic Italian flavours.

Taste the real Italy today at Portofino Harrogate.

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